Matt Robson Aspen Wedding Videographer Silent James Films




matt robson

with a background in surf and snowboard photography, matt translates the picture from his eye to ours. constantly looking to refine his craft, matt feels right at home discovering perspectives from new angles, and in turn, picks up on details the rest of us often times miss.

Eli Delmato Aspen Wedding Videographer Silent James Films
eli delmato

with an advertising and design degree from RISD, eli approaches each project with a creative view. whether behind the lens, or piecing together the story in the cutting room, he finds the perfect balance between passion and know-how.

our personal projects

we love to travel. we mean love it. these videos were born out of a humble attempt to capture the beauty of places we have been fortunate enough to find ourselves in. without creating these projects for ourselves, it would be impossible for us to create projects for others. our personal projects give you the most honest glimpse into who we are and why we film.